The Story of Gary and Shandi Terlecki (Founders of Run Wild Adventures)

Gary ran track back in his high school days but didn't enjoy it much.  He and his brothers (pictured) had been involved with Motocross Racing for several years after that. It wasn't until they met and he went on his first trail run that he became a running junkie.  Shandi had already been pretty serious about running for several years and got Gary to go running here and there during weekly training runs.  Usually a pretty easy 3-4 mile run in the neighborhood.  When She told him about going toward Mt. Hood to do the XDog Events' McCubbins Gulch Scramble he decided to join. What an amazing event and they had so much fun that they have now done this race for 7 years straight and counting. After the McCubbins Gulch Scramble, they both became addicted to scrambles and trail running.  They are definitely more of an adventure!


They soon realized that the trail running events in the Salem area are limited and although the running community in Salem is pretty large, they noticed the trail running events they attend do not have a large number of Salem and surrounding area participants. Gary and Shandi created the website "Run Wild Adventures" to share their running adventures with friends and family and local community. Their hope was to spread their trail running addiction to others.

The New Beginning - Fall 2009!
It all started in late 2009 with several ideas on how to organize and host events. They first developed the name "Run Wild Adventures" and created the website from scratch! They then sought after sponsors and support and come up with the venues for the events. Next was the purchase of equipment...Banners, signs, flagging, race clock, computer timing software, PA system, food prep supplies, EZ UP tents, tables, chairs and the list goes on and on! Once they had some equipment and supplies it was time to go after event insurance, permits, race bibs, and awards (which they handmake for each event)! Next on the list was advertising using the website, other local running websites, flyers and brochures. All along the main goals were to provide a fun, inexpensive and enjoyable experience! Provide online registration, online confirmed entrants list, print immediate race results for participants and post all event photos and results online the same day! They also wanted to have new and exciting places for trail run events...

Fall 2012-
Run Wild Adventures is beginning it's 4th year and going strong! They are up to 7 events hosted each year with more in the works.

Fall 2013-
RWA is now heading into our 5th year hosting trail running events in the cental willamette valley! Our 2014 schedule is now up to 9 events including a 2 day race at Silver Falls in November. Come on out and check out some local trail running! Let's get those shoes a little dirty!

Fall 2014-
Run Wild is beginning 6 straight years of organizing and timing running events! Our schedule includes races from October - May each and every year! Most races sell out in advance, so don't miss out and get registered today! Stay tuned to new and improved trail running events each season!

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