Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
Run Wild Adventures is based out of Salem Oregon, and all events we host are local to the community.

Will you fill up/should I register early?
Yes, it is highly likely we will fill all the spots the Permit allows us and therefore it is in your interest to register earlier rather than later.

Is there a wait-list if the race fills?
No. In talking with other race organizers, we found this to be a huge pain in the %$$. We're sorry.

Can I get a refund?
Sorry, we do NOT offer refunds! Make sure if you register early, that you have now commited to the event.

Can I transfer my entry to someone else?
No. Sorry we do not transfer to others. When you registered you accepted the waiver and agreement. The waiver is for the registered participant ONLY.

Are walkers allowed at the events?
You bet! We encourage all abilities to participate in our events! However if you choose to walk, you are NOT guaranteed to make the awards/prizes/raffle or have any hot food or coffee left after the event. Also course volunteers/photographers/staff may start packing up before you finish. This is your warning but we definately do not discourage anyone from wanting to walk.

Where can I pick up my race packet?
Packet pick up begins about 2 hours before the start of the event at the start/finish area! Look for the Packet pickup signs!

Can I register the day of the race?
Sometimes! We cap each and every event we host to keep the "small race feel" and so far almost all events have filled to capacity early! If the event doesn't fill early, then we allow day of race registration beginning about 2 hours prior to the start of the event

Is there a separate start for slower runners/walkers?
No. All participants start at the same time.

Can my dog run with me?
Yes your furry friend may run with you except at the Silver Falls Trail Half/Full Marathon. If you're dog runs with you, please be courtous of other runners.

Are headphones allowed during the run?
Yes. Please be aware of your surroundings while running with headphones

Why are the entry fees so cheap?
We host events for fun and to gain exposure to trail running! We are not trying to provide a fundraiser for a charity. There are plenty of events geared towards fundraising and not towards the participants. We try to provide a fun, scenic and well marked course that's enjoyable to all participants. This is NOT our real job! We all hold down 8-5 M-F jobs outside of running and enjoy what we do for the trail running community! Any and all proceeds go right back into hosting events and for park cleanup, restoration and trail building! Trust us, it is not cheap! Permits, insurance, supplies, restrooms, awards/prizes, food etc etc etc.

Where can I see my Results? 
Results are posted online at our Website
RESULTS PAGE within hours after the event! Unofficial printed results are provided onsite during the event!

Is there photos at the event?
Yes! Our good friend from
NINE22 Photography is always on hand to snap the action and have photos available to view within a day or so! However, photographers are voluntary and not guaranteed to capture everyones photo or stay the duration of the event.

If I have to leave early, can you mail me my award?
No! Sorry. However you can pick it up at our next scheduled event.

Are there restrooms?
Yes, there are several restrooms near the start/finish area of each and every event we host. We feel it is really important to have plenty of restrooms!

How is this course marked?
We use white flour, yellow cones and/or Bright colored
Montrail Ribbon. We strive to make every attempt to have a very well marked course.

Do I have to wear my race number?
Yes!!!! On the front and visible at the finish! The race number is how you are entered in the timing software! If we can't see your race number, you may not be listed in the results. Absolutely NO bandits allowed to participate! This takes away from the people who have registered.

Do you provide aid stations?
Only at the Silver Falls Trail Half/Full Marathon and Monument Peak 10 Mile Trail Run. All other events are 10k or shorter so if aid is needed, bring with you!

What drinks and food are provided at the finish?
We always provide some sort of hot dish (chili, chicken noodle soup, etc.) and
Great Harvest Bread w Peanut Butter. Hot chocolate and Silver Falls Coffee. Always have plenty of water on hand and HEED Electrolyte. Heck we've even been known to bring out some booze (for the 21+) crowd of course. Sorry, we do NOT provide alternatives to the main dish. We try to be fair and provide something that appeals to MOST of the crowd. If you are vegetarian or gluten free or whatever please be advised that we cannot cater to everyone. If you require something other than what we provide (our main dishes are known to have meat in them), please bring with you. Sorry for the inconvienence.

Are you giving t-shirts?
NO! This is how we keep our entry fees low! Adding a cotton T-shirt or Tech shirt will increase the price! Sorry, we like to keep this affordable to participants! Plus, how many event shirts do you need? Let's be unique and do something different!

Am I eligible for drawing prizes even if I don’t finish?
Yes! All participants and volunteers are able to join in our post race raffle .

How will I know if I won something in the raffle?
The raffle takes place after the event and winners are announced over the PA

Who can win awards?
We are giving awards to top 3 male and female overall winners and age group winners. Age groups are every 5 year...

What clothing should I wear?
This is a personal matter and will also depend on the weather conditions on race day. Typical conditions in Oregon...well we will let you make that call.

What kind of shoes should I wear?
Most of the events take place on gravel road or dirt single track trail and most conventional running shoes work just fine. There are sometimes sharp rocks. Since our events take place in the fall, winter and spring the chances of MUD are very likely!
Trail Shoes are highly recommended.

Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or other social networking?

Please check the event links first. If your question is not answered there,
email the organizers.