Thanks again Gary. Great race, great course, and impeccable organization.
Most fun I've had on a trail in a long time. I put up a facebook post about
it on my page. I'll definitely be back over for another one.
-Max King
Professional Runner

Gary, the head of Run Wild Adventures - an Oregon based Montrail-sponsored
Trail Race Event group - here budding a relationship with a truly motivated
group of trail event activists - the Run Wild group.  They have been a REAL
pleasure to work with thus far, getting to know them briefly at Hagg Lake,
working together at Shellburg for the Santiam Scramble, running into them at
last weekend's Peterson Ridge Rumble 20 and 40 miler (organized by
overachiveing Montrail Athlete and cross-country coach Sean Meissner) and
getting ready to assist them once more for the ultimate blowout at the
Monument Peak 15k, coming up here in barely less than two weeks...  These
guys are truly becoming an elite unit - designing races that are not only
wild and rugged, but Fun to the extreme in beautiful natural locales.
-Sam R
Montrail/Mountain Hardwear

I had a great time at all 7 of your wonderful events this year. You and
your family and friends (and sponsors) have given so much!
-Bill W

Man, it's my complete pleasure to run your races! You, Shandi, and everyone else really put on a top-notch, low-key event. That is a difficult combination and you guys pull it off so well. I'm so excited to recommend all of the Run Wild events to anyone and everyone.
-Sean M
Team Montrail/Peterson Ridge Rumble RD

I wanted to write and let you know what an amazing time we had at your event today (well, yesterday now since it's past midnight).  A group of us came up from Eugene to do the Scramble last month, and we liked it so much that we came again and this time brought MORE, including 2 running friends who have never run trails before.  Needless to say, they are both hooked now.  The course was amazingly beautiful!  Just enough uphill to make me cry, enough downhill to fool myself into thinking I was fast, and some nice views through the trees.  My friends and I were talking after the race, and we all agreed that we're sick and tired of trail races that charge you almost a hundred bucks for a low quality trail race - 1 mile on trail and rest on paved road just doesn't cut it for us!  We are extremely grateful that you guys are putting on such amazing events with affordable prices, and your courses are the real deal!  I loved the single track trails, and the small bits of gravel road interspersed to stretch out our legs as well.  Thanks for a fabulous run.  We will definitely be coming out again and continue to support your awesome events!  Have a great summer, and see you again in the fall.
-Kristi L

Thanks for an awesome race! You put on a top-notch event. The course was well marked and beautiful, and everything went well. I came up from Eugene with 9 friends and we all had a fabulous time. Thank you for a great event!!
-Kathleen B

Thanks so much for putting on a great race today, I love the way you guys
put on an event. Lot's of fun.
-Sharon R

Had a great time at the Monument Peak Trail run.  As always, well organized and had a fun/hard run.
Definitely looking forward to more runs organized by the Run Wild Adventures team.
Once again thanks for helping organize and energizing trail running events in Oregon.  I'll definitely be passing the word to attend your events in the future.
-Roger M

We couldn't think of a better way to start the weekend.  Awesome.  Thanks for another wonderful event!
-Tom G

Thank you for an amazing event this morning!  A group of us came up from Eugene to participate and it was well worth the drive!  The course was everything I'd hoped for and we had a blast.  You guys did a fantastic job putting it on.  We will be back next year!  One of my goals was to run so hard that I had to finish the race crying, and I didn't quite achieve it, but I will try harder next year :)
-Kristi L

Just wanted to say thanks for putting together such great events.  I did the
Santiam Scramble today and had so much fun!  I absolutely loved it and wish that
there were more runs like it out there!  You guys put on excellent events and I
can't wait for the next one!
-Delaney H

Gary and Shandi,
Thanks again for having us at your race this morning. Had a blast!!! Great event.
-Andy D
Eugene Marathon Race Director

Awesome job again!  You pick the coolest places to have your trail runs.  What a smooth event.
-Chuck W
Southern Oregon Runners Club

My husband finally forced me up. I grabbed some peanut butter toast, banana, cheese, hopped in the car, and started driving into the Cascades for the 7 mile Shellburg Falls Adventure Run. Just ’cause I’ve paid my registration doesn’t mean I can’t just grab a latte, pull into a campground, build a campfire, and have the morning to myself.
Thirty minutes before the race, I almost swerved out of the parking lot and went to The Original Pancake House. Instead, I sat in my car for a while admiring the bulging calves on all
the mountain blasting men and the long muscular legs on the women. Never before had a I seen such an intimidating group of racers. What had I gotten myself into? After venturing out of my car to pick up my racing bib and hit the outhouse, I realized that I needed running gloves (like all the other well outfitted racers). It was freezing. Gloveless, I searched through the car for something to keep my fingers warm. My husband’s cotton socks from his gym bag had to do. I wandered up to the starting line, crowded under a heater, and waited for go. The starting official announced, “There will be water on the trail, you’ll be running through it. And at the finish we’ll have some cheap a#* beer waiting!” A cheer went up from the crowd and we were off smiling. After about a quarter mile a choice had to be made, bust through a knee-deep stream or mock river crosser with the mob waiting to take the high road over the single person log bridge. The rest of the 7 mile trail race was made up of un-run-able climbs, winding-rooted trails, and slippery-serpentine descents, which can best  be described as controlled falling. After yelling out, “Who Planned This Torture” while running up a mile incline, “Go! Go! Go!” to the guy running infront of me, “You Okay?” to the girl with the rolled ankle on the side of the trail, and “ARGH!” while crossing the finish line, I can honestly say I agree with a fellow racer who said, “Isn’t this the worst fun you have ever had?” Yes. This was the most fun race I have ever run. The trail was beautiful but brutal to the point of ridiculous. The chili was fantastic. The beer, well, cheap. Door prizes- ample and wonderful. Run Wild Adventures (organizers of this race), I will be participating in every race you host from here to eternity.

A note
to you to say, thank you so much for an awesome trail run!  I have already
told so many people about Run Wild, and especially after participating in
Saturday's event I am impressed by how organized the run and the website
is.  I look forward to joining more runs by Run Wild and continuing to tell
my runner friends.
-Celeste A

I just wanted to thank you for putting on such fun events!  We participated in the Santiam Scramble last March and had a wonderful time.  We are new to trail running and had no idea what to expect.  Honestly, I was expecting the usual at a race - high strung runners all sharing war stories, lining up according to their race time (which they know to the tenth of a second), polishing their Nikes and downing packets of Gu.  What we found when we arrived was a group of wonderful people who were encouraging, hard core but laid back and fun.  The scramble was a blast and I love that my canine running partner was welcome! He runs everywhere with me and I always hate leaving him at home when I particpate in a race.  I feel like someone is missing. We love that he could join us and I think the dog actually had more fun than we did.  The course was beautiful and challenging, but what amazed me the most was the participants.  No matter their background or experience, they were very open and warm people.  There were literally Ironman competitors running next to novices like me who were brand new to scrambles.  Incidentally, the Ironman competitor warmly congratulated me when I crossed the finish line over an hour after he did.  He never asked me my time, he just gave me a high five and said "Great job, you finished!" 
We're looking forward to another great event with great people and a great
-Miriam L

Please do more events like the Silver Falls Trail Run.
-Jono N

Hearing RAVE REVIEWS on the Silver Falls Half.  A bunch of our Weds night
TeamGFR Training group folks did it and loved it.  The post-race blogs and
reviews looked great as well.  Awesome job!
-Gallagher's Fitness Resources

-Raille W

Great event.  Everyone had a great time.
-Kevin S
Silver Falls State Park Manager

First I want to say it was a pleasure meeting you and running in this weekend's event.  This was my first Half Marathon, and what a way to get exposed to them.  My wife Elizabeth also had a great time volunteering, and is looking forward to the same should I run an event in the future.
-Christopher M

Thanks for organizing a great event yesterday - and the prettiest course
-Mark O

Man, AWESOME event on Saturday! Easily the best Run Wild event I've participated in so far. You guys keep getting smoother with each race -
-Sean M
Team Montrail Ultrarunner

I ran the Silver Falls Half Marathon on Saturday and I liked it a lot!  Thanks for putting on these great events.
-Dawn W

Just wanted to say 'thanks again' for putting on another great race.  The course was great, the competition was tough, and the crowd and the volunteers were awesome.
-Don G

I loved the event (a little more rain would have been nice). I did 3 of your
4 events last year and think you guys have a good thing going.  the route
was great, down to the last "little" hill right before the finish.  It was
wise to put us on wide open road and trail for the first few miles to give
us a chance to spread out.  I didn't experience any bottlenecking on the
course.  The aid stations were well placed. Route was very well marked and
the volunteers were fantastically friendly.  I will definitely do this event
again next year and will make a note to sign up early, because I'm sure it
will sell out.  I think 400 people was a good number to cap it. I wouldn't
go more than 500 for safety and small race feel. I think you successfully
eased their fears of having a big event on such a public trail.
-William W

I'd like to say great time on Saturday. Great course, very well marked, great to have the gels at the aid stations, good grub afterwards, etc...
-Sam F

I loved it!  Crazy hard and fun.  I like the
amount of people you had elbowing, it kept it open enough that
even though people were competing they did not get aggressive actually they
were all amazingly supportive.  I have done only a few trail runs (mostly I
do road marathons) and it is usually every man for himself, pushing, very
cutthroat.needless to say I was impressed.  I also think the spacing of
runners allowed for less injury, being able to see the ground in front of
you helped.
-Kathleen D

Thanks for a great event this am...Silver Falls was at the start was over the top....course was challenging, fall colors were perfect....the water your runners are fantastic - look out for each other and happy, food at the end was tasty.....keep up the great work
-Bill W

Thanks for an awesome run today! The course was beautiful and well marked and I appreciated the little touches like the "house of pain" and "smile" message at the base of those good climbs :), as well as the sand on the bridges over the river. The event was VERY well organized and I never had to wait longer than a minute for any thing: registration, port-o-potties, food, photos, results, etc.  That was awesome!
-Mary D

I just want to thank you for putting on the winter trail runs this year.  Committing to do them was great motivation to keep training even in the rainy Oregon winter.  Completing them was motivation to do more.  This was my first year of running in public since out of my teens and Shellburg and Buck Mountain were my first two 6.5 mile/10k runs...challenging and beautiful.  I just want to thank you for being so friendly, positive and encouraging even to back-of-the-packers like myself.
-Jordana M

I'm kind of bummed that the Run Wild Adventures winter series races are over for this year.It has been so much fun to run some short trail races. Gary and Shandi "rock ass"
-William S
Ultra Runner badass

Glad I experienced this new sramble event by Run Wild Adventures. Great venue; varied terrain, multiple creek crossing, steep hillside climbs, and treacherous for some. Always room for other scrambles besides the the same X-Dog courses, which I love to do. Run Wild could give Kevin something to compete with.
-Steve S

Looks like a new show in town.
-J Buckmaster
Team Redlizard

The last race of the season by Run Wild Adventures was yesterday, Saturday, March 20th at the Santiam Canyon Forest Shellsburg Recreation Area near Lyons, Or. For a first year-organization, Run Wild Adventures and their fearless leaders Gary and Shandi have put on quite a good series.
-Kelly J

Wow! What a great event.  We had six Oregon Army National Guard Soldiers at your event.  None of us had ever run a scramble before and that was some great Army training! Hooah! We all had a great time and have plenty of cuts and bruises to brag about.  What a great hard-core event with wonderful laid back people. Thank you again for your support and allowing us to set up our tent and table.
-Russell G
Oregon Army National Guard

I just wanted to thank you for setting these events up.  The March 20th run was my first ever running event. It was the day after I turned 40 so it was a great way to prove something to myself.  I finished and life flight was not needed. I have already signed up for Mt Hood in June and I will be there for your events when they start again in December. I had blast and thanks again,
-Guy F

Just wanted to let you know how much  fun I had at your events, I ran the last three and would have run all 4 if I had heard about them sooner. Thanks again, I will see you at the next one.
-Ron C

Gary & Shandi - another great event, I was close by for the awards ceremony and was impressed with the easy, fun manner in which it was held. I wish I'd learned a little more about the course, I'd have loved to have taken photos at the top of the first hill, no, strike that, cliff !!! Oh well, next time...
-Mick E

Thanks for your running your race series in the Salem area, I had a lot of fun at all three races I ran and sometimes walked in.  Being dirt cheap is awesome too.  I can't wait for next year's races. Keep it up.
-Tim S

Hi! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for putting today's event together! I was the one who showed up 30 minutes late. = ) Despite that, I still had a great time (and I got to meet a great dude!). What I liked the most about the Santiam Canyon Scramble was the crazy hill that I had to go up on.  Other than that, I liked having to go through the creeks. My legs were numb for a bit, but that was still fun to go through. Thank you!  You all did a spectacular job in making this event happen.  Looking forward to your future events.
-Angelique F

I am glad you had a great event! The weather even cooperated. We are looking forward to having you back next year.  Great use of the trail in the off-season.
-Kevin S
Silver Falls State Park Manager

You don't charge enough.  That race should have been at least $15 to $20.  I felt like it was such a quality event I would have easily paid that much.  My friends felt the same.
-Chuck W

But for last Saturdays' race, I REALLY was just out there to have fun. I also just wanted to support Run Wild Adventures because I love the idea of trail races around Salem.
-Pam S
Local Ultrarunner

I just wanted to tell you what an awesome job you did putting on the Mudslinger.  It was one of the best run events that I have had the pleasure of being part of.  Everything from having a well marked course to great chicken soup showed a lot of effort on your part.  You guys rock!
-Chuck W
Southern Oregon Runners

Had a great time.  Well organized, fun group, awesome trail.  Thanks.
-Janice C

Thanks so much for a great run today! I thought the race was very well organized. My friend Alice Abrams turned me on to your races and we both came down for today's run. I was bummed to have to head right out as soon as we finished as I had other plans, but next time I am definitely sticking around for the fun after the event. Looks like everyone was having a great time. Thanks again for your work and the work of all your volunteers!
-Sarah B

Great race Saturday.  Everyone had a blast.  I can't wait for the Buck Mtn Mudslinger.
-Don G

A couple of us went to a trail event today hosted by - we highly recommend their events.
-William W
Eclectic Edge Events Race Director

I'm glad you guys had another successful event. The word is definitely getting out there!
-Sean M
RD for the Peterson Ridge Rumble

Hi Gary/Shandi - congrats on your race today - everything went very smoothly from what I could see, and everyone seemed in high spirits as they ran past me.
-Mick E
Oregon Pixels Photographer

We truly applaud your efforts and success in growing trail running in the Salem area and look forward to assisting as we can. Thanks again and see you soon!
-GFR Salem

Welcome to the Salem running community. Here's wishin' a great 2010 for you !!

I am so glad to know you,and to have the opportunity to participate in your awesome events. I am looking forward to the mission 10k.
-Joey V

This is really cool! Do you have a class for out of shape old dudes 40+?
-Chris C

For a first try Gary and Shandi couldn't have done a better job. Everyone seemed to have a great time.You would think they had done this hundreds of times. This was one of the funnest races I've ever done! The course is so much fun, if you missed it make sure you're there next year.
-William S

What a great run-festive, hospitable, beautiful, exciting, lighthearted, hard...just the best, everything a run should be, the heart of the whole deal. Thanks a million.
-Ross T

Thanks you two for a fun event last Saturday.  My dog Bo and I had a great time running out in the forest.  We are never fast.  Instead we are just very determined to find the finish line.  Trail markings were great.  Your volunteers at the intersections were great, very cheerful and happy.  Loved the smiley face at the beginning of the downhill.  My heart fluttered with hope that we were entering a long downhill stretch, and we weren't disappointed.  Really had a great time.
-Sharon G

Hello! My husband and I just wanted to say thanks for sponsoring the event on Saturday (the 10k at Shellburg Falls). It was fun, challenging, and well organized. We look forward to more of your events in the future! Thanks again for a great run.
-Darla A

I really enjoyed the run.  I'll probably be there in March. Great job!
-Tia G

I had a blast running the falls on Saturday!!  Thanks so much for putting together a great race:-)
-Forrest G

I said it once, and I'll say it again: You guys are great! Congrats on your event.
-Alice A

I did the shellburg falls trail run a couple of weekends ago. It was a blast! Gary Terlecki and Shandi Maxwell from did a great job organizing and setting this race up
-Kurtis D

Great run this weekend! It was my first trail run and you did a great job. I will defintitely run again.
-Jason R

You did a great job organizing a fun event. I'm definitely looking forward to the next one.
-Alice A

Just a quick note to you guys to say well done and thanks for setting up such a great fun event at Shellburg Falls.  It turned out to be a great day for my first event since finishing Ironman Arizona on 11/22.  I couldn't have asked for a better day!
-Brian Q

Today at Shellburg Falls was a lot of fun - my first real trail run!
-Laura E

Thanks for hosting the run this morning. The course was great, and well marked. I'm glad you had a good turn out for your first event and I will be back for some of the others.
-Dave B

You guys did a great job of putting on that race.  The H.S. kids had a great time.  We hope to bring a bigger group to the next race at Mission State Park.  Thanks for all your work.
-David B

I remember you guy's from McCubbins Gulch, Good to see another promoter of trail/scramble events, Kevin can only do so much after all, Lookin forward to all your events
-Mike D

I'm hoping to run a couple of the cool runs that the new race organization, Run Wild, is holding in the woods outside of Salem.
-Sean M

Just found your web page.  Looking forward to having new local runs.  I hope your events are a Great success.
-Erik S

Running in the Shellburg Falls 10K Adventure Run tomorrow in freezing temperatures. Thanks to runwildadventures for hosting this event!
-Matthew B
Racenorthwest Race Director

Great to see some trail running interest in Salem finally.
-Raille W